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Handyman / Repair

Odd projects filling your to-do list? Handyman services for every room of your home, inside and out


Don’t love the space you’re in? Create your dream home with a remodel.

Custom Woodworking

Can’t find that perfect piece to complete your home? If you can dream it, we can build it.

All services include a FREE consultation and project estimate. Prices quoted in estimates are calculated based on our experience and standards used in the industry, but are not a guarantee of project price. Many times, it is difficult to estimate an exact project cost based on a simple visual inspection.

If the scope of a project changes significantly due to unforeseen circumstances after we provide an estimate, Heartland Handcrafted will halt the project, discuss the problem with you and offer options to resolve the issue before continuing with the work. If an additional estimate or estimate adjustments are required, we’ll provide additional info. But it's not often we have to do this.

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