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Who We Are

Hey ya’ll. Welcome to Heartland Handcrafted. While we were officially founded in the spring of 2017, Derek’s background in construction and home repair began much earlier, about the same time our relationship started. To help pay his way through college and for date nights with Megan, Derek began working for a local contractor building homes from the ground up. He quickly picked up small side jobs as well, learning all he could.

Following college graduation, we made several moves across the state of Missouri working our way up corporate ladders and putting our degrees to use. But it wasn’t long before Derek found his way back into the world of home construction by becoming a certified home inspector.

However it was our most recent move to Iowa, Megan's home state, where we found our true calling and settled in. We welcomed our daughter, Emmie, during our first Iowa summer in 2015. After visiting many furniture stores Derek quickly decided those cribs were “crap”. So he set off to make the most beautiful, sturdy and safe crib for our baby girl.

The idea for Heartland Handcrafted came just a few months later while on a cruise in the middle of the ocean. Derek proclaimed, “if I win the lottery I want to start my own home remodeling and custom furniture business.” Megan's response was “why do you need to win the lottery to do that?” And here we are.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us and how we might help you live your best life in the home of your dreams. And thank you in advance for trusting us with your project.


Derek & Megan


Derek Garrett

Co-owner, Co-founder, Husband, Dad, Outdoorsman, Woodworking Extraordinaire

Derek set off early in life to be a professional athlete. Playing just about every sport he could in school, it was the opportunity to play football for Northwest Missouri State University that kept him in his hometown of Maryville, Mo. (Good thing too, or he wouldn’t have met Megan.)  Early on, Derek learned the importance of ongoing customer interactions and quality service through his work in retail management. But his passion for woodworking and construction came to light as he worked throughout the past 10 years as a general contractor, certified home inspector and handyman.

His time in Iowa has lead him deeper into nature where he, Megan and their newest four-legged companion test their hunting and gathering skills. When they bring home a fresh meal, Derek enjoys dinners with his girls at the dining room table he built.

If you’ve seen it on Pinterest Megan probably has too, which means Derek has built it. His style is more modern contemporary but he tends to lean to Megan’s requests which are often more functional and classic. Derek often is fulfilling Megan’s project requests to improve and retain the character of their 1890’s farmhouse.

Megan Garrett

Co-owner, Co-founder, Wife, Mom, Crazy Dog Lady, Communications Professional

Megan has always had a passion for communications and started her professional career in high school as the weekend news and weather reporter for the local radio station. She left heaven (read: Iowa) to obtain her degree in Journalism at Northwest Missouri State University. As a former cheerleading captain, it didn’t take but a split second for her to fall for the strapping football player she met during summer break in Maryville. Working her way through college with jobs at the various campus media outlets, and as a dance instructor at the local studio, she landed a job as managing editor at a daily newspaper. As the communications landscape evolved, so too did Megan’s career.

These days she is a full-time communicator, story-teller and media relations manager in Des Moines. In her free time, and many late nights, she's focused on growing Heartland Handcrafted – whether that’s picking up a drill or paint brush to help Derek finish a project, or managing social media and the budget - it depends on the day. She can also be found caring for (read: spoiling) their daughter and two dogs. Megan is a sucker for a great front door and truly believes the kitchen is the heart of the home. She also strives to help families create fun yet extremely functional spaces. 


Let’s talk about your project!

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